Package Builder

Build winning packages with VolumeShoot’s advanced tools. We enable you to build packages with products from multiple vendors and we handle all of the logistics of processing the order. This means you can carry top-products across your favorite labs and increase sales with better combinations of proven products.

Build, Test & Apply

Easily build, test then apply winning packages across your shoots with our advanced package management system.

We created our package builder as we saw the need to not only create the best mix of products but to track and apply what works to other clients and shoots. The flexibility and insight our package builder brings to the professional volume shooter can boost both sales and margins.

Package Builder
Key Features

Our package builder is designed to increase product sales and margins.

We have learned over the years that how each package is designed and priced has a huge impact on sales. Creating the perfect mix of value and uniqueness is key.

By expanding your options to multiple labs and handling the fulfillment and logistics for you, our package builder will transform your operation in a great way.

Wide Selection

We offer a wide range of prints and products from multiple labs.

Winning Packages

Create and assign winning packages for digital/print products across clients.

Composite Products

Use our batch extraction and compositing tools to build composite offerings.

Custom Mix

Each package can contain an unlimited number of custom configurations.

Include Digital Prints

Add and track digital print sales using VolumeShoot’s platform. It’s all included.

Track Fulfillment

You can see when a new order has come in and when it has shipped.

One-on-One Demo

Sign-up for a personal demo of our platform. We’ll walk you through the key features of VolumeShoot and show you how the platform can help your business.

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