Shooter’s Workflow

Setup entire shoots, including class/teams and deploy pre-registration announcements in a few minutes. Build automatic pre-payment options into e-registration to boost cashflow.  

Centralized Management

Manage from the organization level with all shoots, orders and data consolidated and easy to access and update.

Our platform’s interface is built to pull all the loose ends together for ease of management. Easy data import/export features help you migrate account data around as needed.

Key Features

Leverage our technologies and workflow to streamline your studio.

Our system can save you hundreds of hours of time and give you a much better workflow experience with processing shots than the system you use today.

No More Envelopes

Offer branded online pre-payment/registration and eliminate envelopes.

Winning Packages

Create and assign winning packages for digital/print products then track performance.

Batch Extractions

Batch extract subjects from the shot without any green screen processing. 

No More Cards

Using facial recognition you can eliminate shot cards and automatically sort shots.

Batch Setup

Import and set up classes and teams in minutes with our data import/exporting using templates.

Batch Composites

Batch merge images onto new composite backgrounds – great for boosting sales.

One-on-One Demo

Sign-up for a personal demo of our platform. We’ll walk you through the key features of VolumeShoot and show you how the platform can help your business.

See some of the other features VolumeShoot offers.

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